Top Reasons Why Riders Should Have a Motorcycle Phone Mount

Do you have trouble finding where to put your mobile phone while driving on your motorbike? When putting it in your pocket seems a bit dangerous, you might want to install a motorcycle phone mount instead.


motorcycle phone mount


This quick solution will prevent your phone from falling out of your pocket. Thus preventing you from losing your smartphone. Other than that, you also get to have a safe and secure spot for your phone especially if you are using an app for directions.

Here are other benefits of having a phone holder while driving on your motorbike. Check these out:

  1. Prevents Distractions While Driving

It is highly advisable to keep your hands off your mobile device while driving. To prevent any accidents, it is best to have lesser distractions and have your eyes fixed on the road.

The motorcycle phone mount Australia stores offer are great for preventing distractions while driving. Especially if you are waiting for someone to call or text you, this will keep you from checking your phone from time to time, and instead help you stay focused on driving.

  1. Allows Better Hearing During Conversations

If you are waiting for an important call and driving can’t wait anymore, then having a phone holder is a good solution to this dilemma. Just don on a Bluetooth earphone and wait for the call. Having wired earphones may distract you since the wires might prevent you from moving freely while driving.

However, a motorcycle phone mount frees up enough space for hand and arm movements. So worry no more about off-putting wires jutting out of your trouser pockets.

  1. Gives Access Music Effortlessly

Since you are wearing a Bluetooth earphone, you might as well have the freedom of playing music on your phone. Just be sure that this does not distract you when driving. Especially if you are stuck in traffic, might as well have some sort of entertainment to help you cool down from all the stress.

  1. Provides Quick Directions

Do you need to know the way around a new place? Have lesser time picking your phone from your pocket and instead have it mounted in front of you.

The motorcycle phone mount in Australia allows drivers like you get a quick glimpse of a map without much distraction. So if you are using a GPS phone application such as Waze or Google Maps, then you will have little to no less trouble viewing those apps.

  1. Looks Great on Your Bike

Other than its functionality, this will also look great on your motorbike. With its chic design, this can go with any type of vehicle. Whether it is a car, a motorbike, a bicycle, or even a boat, you can mount a phone holder anywhere you like.

A motorcycle phone mount is extremely beneficial to vehicle owners like you who are constantly busy. Because of its hands-free function, you will no longer have to pull out your smartphone from your pocket just to answer a very important business call.

Stay connected and keep your lines open. With a phone holder, you can maximise your mobile device’s functionality to the fullest and stay safe while on the road. Who knew that using your smartphone will be less of a hassle?

For the best motorcycle phone mount Australia has to offer, you can check out stores like Mr. Mobile for a wide range of holder designs for various purposes. Check these out right now!

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