Sample the World’s Best Corals in the Great Barrier Reef

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef is one of those great lifetime adventures. There are numerous companies that offer great tailored trips along with choices of diving destinations. Many of these come with nice packages such as cabin stays, meals and blanket or linens that you can use to drape yourself with as you indulge your passion for diving in the world’s best diving destination. It is a place where you can make some great discoveries of unique and mind-bogglingly diverse wildlife. With the Great Barrier Reef liveaboard boats, travelers can have an up close look of Australia’s psychedelically scenic Great Barrier Reef through a very private and intimate experience free of the day trips crowds.

The reef offers a once in a lifetime experience. Travelers have all around them just the sun and the sea. Going on the Great Barrier Reef liveaboard in Australia will also spare you the day tripper crowds. These trips generally launch from Cairns. This is the great gateway to this world-famous natural attraction. Hundreds of boats generally bring thousands of tourists here every day where visitors can experience the true wonder of the Great Barrier Reef.

By choosing the liveaboard, however, you can have a different kind of experience on the largest living structure on the world. These trips can take place over several days as well as nights and guests will be able to experience more than a day of diving. The experience is much deeper with the Great Barrier Reef liveaboards. Here, you can have a very intimate look at this wondrous living structure with its psychedelic beauty. It is an ecosystem that stretches over a distance of 2300km and is visible from space.

Getting to Cairns

You can take a flight to Cairns in Sydney. This is typically a three-hour flight. Once you arrive at your destination and in your cabin on one of the islands that dot this popular tourist attraction, you can embark on your experience. The live-aboard boats typically have very close confines as accommodation along with on-board catering services.

With good liveaboard services, you can get below the surface multiple times and you will be diving in lots of different places along the Great Barrier Reef. With every excursion, you will get the opportunity to explore different parts of the reef’s coral covered walls. You can move to various unexplored sections with the sea more than 2000m below! It is quite an exhilarating experience.

Something to Explore

When diving beneath the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, there is always something to explore every day. You will always see and discover something new every day ranging from the clownfish to the blue spotted ribbon tail rays. You can spot the manta rays which can be mind-bogglingly huge or you can spot some magnificent bursts of color with the numerous schools of iridescent fish. These move fast and change direction suddenly.  Other marine life that can be found here includes minke whales with which you can have some close encounters.

Spectacular Scenery

If the currents are good, it is possible for divers to drift slowly along the walls of the coral reef. Here you can passively and closely enjoy the spectacular and dynamic scenery of the Great Barrier Reef. All around, you will be surrounded by an expanse of blue ocean.  As you move closer to the surface, you can see the sunlit pinnacles of the coral reefs which emerge through gently sloping sand.

It is like everywhere you go, you are confronted with limitless beauty. Whenever the tanks run low, divers can begin kicking towards light above and the liveaboard boats. The trick to having a good time here is by choosing great liveaboard services that offer professional diving experiences and which have necessary permits to bring as you close to the minke whales as possible. They are exciting creatures and generally migrate close to the area between June and July. They come here to calve in the warmer waters of the reef.

It is good to remember, though, that the cyclone season is from November to May. While the months of December to February mark the wet seasons, these have the advantages of calmer waters and greater visibility, thanks to the low winds as well as warm water temperatures. The months of June through October mark the peak seasons for taking a tour. Take note of these seasons when planning your vacation or holiday so you could get the best experience.

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