How to Charter a Private Jet and Fly in Style

Chartering private jets offers a host of advantages to travelers over the scheduled commercial flights, particularly if you have a busy schedule and time is very precious. They allow you to fly in relative comfort as well as privacy and you will be able to set your own travel schedule thus travel stress-free. If you are planning to fly a business jet, the easiest way to go about it is by taking a UK private jet charter. This basically involves renting an aircraft and setting your own time, the date as well as the flying route.

A good option when hiring the UK private jet charters is by taking up the ad hoc charters. These are suitable for the light users who would want to fly a few flights per year. For the heavier flyers, there are more suitable and flexible jet charter options such as the fractional aircraft ownership or the block hour jet cards. It all depends on the user needs and the business model of the UK jet charter company.

Yet chartering a jet is not always an easy process even for the seasoned flyers. There are certain tips that you need to know and information that you need to grasp in order to grab the best deals in the marketplace.

  • Use a Jet Charter Operator: Jet charter operators offer the best deal when it comes to hiring jet charters in the UK. Look for a licensed operator that has multiple bases and which can conveniently avail the jet to you at the nearest location to your home. These can include the small operators with one or two aircraft to the large operators with massive fleets.
  • Use a Broker: There are air charter brokers in the UK that can help you get the best deals in the market. These companies act as the go-between you and the aircraft operators. Although they charge commissions on the charters, you can choose from an array of wholesale prices. Go with the largest broking companies and gain from their wealth of industry experience as well as great prices.
  • Watch on the Charter Costs: The costs will depend on an array of factors including the passenger numbers, the distance that you need to fly along with the type and the size of the aircraft that you are planning to charter. The cheapest planes in the industry are typically the ultra light jets and the turboprops. The jet airliners and the heavy jets are the most expensive in this category. These can be used for the intercontinental flights: you can easily hop from one city to another on business or official functions.

Getting Your Jet Charter Quotes

It is important to get multiple quotes from various UK private jet charter operators. Take note of the additional fees associated with chartering aircraft including the airport fees, taxes, fuel and the cost of catering. These should be included in the initial quote provided by the operator or broker. When asking for a quote, ask for clarifications on whether that is the case. There are also, typically, additional costs which are associated with delays.

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