Brisbane Jeep Dealer – Multiple Car Dealerships in One Place

The statistics on vehicle ownership among the residents of Greater Brisbane are quite revealing. According to this, while across Australia, around 50% of the households own 2 vehicles or above; the figure for Greater Brisbane is 52%. Even in the single car ownership homes greater Brisbane seems to score marginally better than the national average of around 85%. No wonder the automobile dealership in the country clocks a turnover of $64billion each year. A Brisbane jeep dealer who is able to offer multiple brands under one roof enjoys a huge advantage over single brand dealerships. Irrespective of how popular the car maker is, the last mile connectivity with the customer is always through the dealer.

Dealer Brings on a Personal Touch

Within every business, some people succeed while others fall by the side. The major reason for this is the kind of personal rapport the business owner is able to establish with those in the community. In the car dealership business, for example, many times they may not be the dealer’s customers yet, but still when he or she bumps into someone at a car park or a movie theatre or even at the Sunday church, just exchanging pleasantries and making introductions come quite handy. In the automobile business, a lot hangs on the trust the customer places on the Brisbane Chrysler dealer and their executives. This kind of familiarity helps in creating that trust and the bond.

Multiple Cars at the Same Dealership

This can cut both ways. When many top brands like Skoda, Chrysler and Citroen cars can be sourced from the same dealer, how does the dealer recommend a particular model or brand to you? It is quite tough. But the dealers operate very dispassionately. The Brisbane Skoda dealer will have separate executives for each brand. They will meet you and explain the cars’ features. It is also true that many customers already come to the Brisbane jeep dealer with an idea of buying a particular model or brand. That makes the job of the dealer easier. Within a particular brand, if you wish to know the difference between the models or with a model the variations in the trims, these can be explained by the executive. Check Brisbane City Automotive for more details.

Guarantee and After Sales Service

Again, quite unique to the passenger car business is the perception the car owners carry about the manufacturers and their dealers, which is quite important. The Citroen cars Brisbane dealers sell can add to the company’s reputation by providing some excellent service of the cars sold through their dealership. Again it works at 2 levels; one is the actual technical work done on the cars and how the customer feels while driving out after a service. The other is the personal attention the customer receives at the dealership whenever he or she reaches for leaving the car for service. The courtesy displayed by the Brisbane jeep dealer, timely delivery of the vehicle, not charging anything more than the stipulated jobs and the rates agreed and so on. All these add up in the perception of the customer and have an impact on the long term sales achieved by the company.

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